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After a lifetime of collecting, buying and selling antiques, pottery and other collectibles Mark opened his own estate sale company at the urging of dear, longtime friends in The Delta.  Working with his brother Mike and a great staff, he built a successful estate sale company by focusing on the needs of families throughout the entire Mid-South. Mark sold the business to Mike and plans to stay involved with the actual estate sales.  The same great staff you've enjoyed working with is still with the company and is looking forward to seeing you at the next estate sale.

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MS ESTATE SALES serves the needs of families throughout the entire Mid-South. Whether your estate is valued at twenty thousand or twenty million dollars we provide professional, caring service to maximize your results. We evaluate your needs and offer the best option for you - traditional estate sale or buyout service.  There is no upfront cost to you.  We are compensated on a commission basis paid from the proceeds of the sale. We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We comply with all laws and regulations - Homeowners Associations, City, State and Federal.  Ours is a professional business, not a hobby. 

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and the entire Mid-South 

Mark A. Still

​Courteous, caring, experienced professionals make up our great staff.  Attentive and helpful - not pushy.  Total combined experience in this industry of more than 80+ years.

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